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Ralf drove Sylph, Tetsuko, Sonya, Wade and Khalida up to the same warehouse that FOY had purchased to use as a heavy duty gymnasium for the girls.  He brought the van in close to the front doors and hopped out.

“Be extra cautious,” Sonya warned them, “Slade’s certain to know we’re coming for him by now, and he’ll have had time to get ready.”

Sylph nodded soberly.  “After seeing what he did to the show, I don’t wanna know what he’d do when he wasn’t trying to be subtle.”

“It’s like a comic book,” Ralf joked nervously, “To Hell with subtle.  Let’s get ‘im!”

Tetsuko stepped in front, clearly marking her place in front of the group, raising a small protest from Sylph.  “Uh-uh, Sylph,” she answered quietly.  “I know Slade already and, no offence, but I’m pretty sure I’m tougher than you.  I can take a bullet- can you?”

Sylph subsided uneasily, but made certain to position her body so that the rest of her friends were well sheltered behind her broad shoulders.

Tetsuko flashed an edged grin at Sylph.  “It’s kind of late…”

“Think we should come back?” Sylph teased.

“Nah- let’s just knock…”

Tetsuko braced herself and slammed her hands into the top of the door with a thunderous boom.  The door tore free of its hinges and collapsed in a shower of loose splinters as the shockwave broke the panels, the steel core, and the reinforced frame.

“Well, whaddaya know?” Tetsuko blinked in mock surprise, “I guess they want us to come in.”

As they entered the huge building, they interrupted a slim young woman as she snapped shut a leather briefcase.  She turned and smiled thinly at Tetsuko.  “Ah, good evening.  I am Mr. Slade’s personal assistant, Miss Lim.  I should warn you, Miss Breckenridge, that you are trespassing on private property.  Mr. Slade has given orders that you and your friends should be detained- and my employees stand ready to do just that.”

“That’s funny,” Tetsuko grated, looking around the vast space and noting the Vindicators filing in through the back doors, “but Sylph and I kicked your employees’ collective asses earlier when we weren’t fighting together- what makes you think you’ve got a chance now?”

Miss Lim held up a small plastic box in her left hand and pressed a button, the smile never leaving her face.  “Our Vindicators have been somewhat… enhanced… since you last faced them.”


As fast as Sonya had seen these girls move, it was still breathtaking to observe when they- and the Vindicators- truly shifted into high gear.  She barely had time to register the presence of the Vindicators on her right before the tall, red-haired woman- Flair?- exploded into motion.  The others were barely an instant behind them, crossing the space to surround them before Sonya, the boys, or Kalida had time to react.  Flair reached out and grabbed Sonya’s arm as Glacier’s hands flashed out in quick jabs at Tetsuko’s abdomen.

The grip was tight and painful and Sonya couldn’t help but gasp at the sudden pain.  Wade stepped up behind her and smashed his fist into the side of the girl’s head.  She seemed not even to notice as she started dragging Dr. Gannon across the floor away from the rest of the group.  Tetsuko had staggered slightly when Glacier pounded her, but recovered her balance easily and swiped the mountainous ex-linebacker with a wicked backhand that lifted and spun him fully ten feet through the air before he crashed to earth.  To Sonya’s shock and horror, he seemed to practically spring back to his feet, barely slowed by the tremendous impact.

She heard a roar and a pair of impacts and realized that Sylph had actually snatched Ursula and Rapture fully out of the air in one hand each.  As Sonya watched, Sylph drew her arms back and hurled both Vindicators away with bone-crushing force, smashing them through a pec-deck and the huge naval engine that powered it on their ballistic trajectory to the far wall.  They both impacted that wall fully eight feet in the air and dropped to their feet in a dazed crouch, shaking their heads but not yet ready to give up.  Sylph roared again and Sonya thought it sounded more the primal bellow of an angry animal than a sound that ought to be produced in any human throat.

“Sylph?” she called in confusion, but the girl seemed not to hear her.  Ralf darted around Toro and barely avoided a swipe by Harpy’s long-nailed hands.  He sprinted to the armwrestling station and grabbed the chunk of table that Tetsuko and Sylph had broken off previously- apparently no one had bothered to clean the room since that night- struggling, he hefted the thick piece of ceramic.

“Tetsuko- catch!” he hollered, heaving the chunk underhand, followed immediately by, “Ow!  Sharp!” as the razor-like edge sliced his fingers as the object left his hands.  Tetsuko fielded the chunk with her left hand and, without pausing, spun and slashed Flair across the face.  The impact coupled with the sharp edge snapped the woman’s head back and broke her grip and Sonya staggered back against the wall.  Flair looked up, a river of blood pouring out over her right eye, and growled.

There was a momentary pause as the combatants seemed to take stock of each other.

“The formula that we used to enhance the Vindicators,” Miss Lim’s voice cut across the sudden stillness, “Miss Young is also operating under its effects.  It’s very good, don’t you think?  It’s a derivative of the formula you used on Mr. Slade, in fact- Dr. Sato was never quite able to exactly replicate it, but he did well, considering.”

Sylph roared again and started stalking towards Miss Lim.  “I’d put a leash on her, if I were you,” she caroled.  “While the formula greatly increases all of your physical abilities, we also noticed some rather unfortunate side effects in laboratory animals.”

Flair started howling- a sound that was both high-pitched and oddly throaty, almost a keening that hurt the ears.

“It tends to greatly increase aggression,” Miss Lim continued easily, “but, worse,” she nodded at the still moaning Flair as the woman clutched at her chest and began gasping, “it also places an inordinate amount of strain on the vascular system and the more stress placed on the metabolism, the faster we see signs of failure.  Tragically, without the antidote, Miss Young will probably die within hours- possibly minutes- as she will succumb to a heart attack or an aneurism.”

Sylph paused in her advance, her chest rising and falling violently.  “What…do you…want?” she growled.

Miss Lim raised her eyebrows.  “I’m impressed- I had thought you too overwhelmed by your adrenaline to remain coherent.”  Sylph growled low in her throat.  “It’s really quite simple, Miss Young.  Mr. Slade has a certain score to settle with Dr. Gannon and Miss Breckenridge.  Help us to bring them under control and I will administer the antidote to you personally.  Further, you and your friends will be let go with our thanks.”

Miss Lim cocked her head to the side to await Sylph’s answer.  Looking around, Sonya saw that all of the Vindicators had regained their feet and were slowly closing the circle around them again.  Even Flair, pale and still bleeding profusely, was on her feet and moving.

Sylph spat on the floor and her saliva seemed to smoke as it impacted wetly with the floor.  “Get stuffed,” she snarled angrily.

“Tet-chan, Sylph,” Sonya called, “you have to knock them out- otherwise this fight will kill them!”

Tetsuko, watching the advancing Vindicators, nodded her understanding.  Sylph seemed not to hear as she advanced on Miss Lim, the set of her shoulders violent and bloodthirsty.  Lim grabbed her briefcase and, with barely a flicker of a smile, grabbed her briefcase and darted through the metal door behind her.

Furious, Sylph pounded on the steel door, digging her fingers into it and tearing at it and the wall.

“The bag!” Sonya shouted, making the connection, “We need to get Lim’s briefcase, Tetsuko!”

Valkyrie and Harpy had closed with her and were circling her, smashing into her with powerful kicks and punches which appeared to be taking a toll even on her.  Toro set himself and lowered his shoulder as he prepared to charge the muscular blonde.  “That’s nice, sensei, but I’m a little busy at the moment,” she gritted between impacts.

“Keep ‘em busy,” Khalida called as she squared off with Rockslide.

“Kali- no!” Wade shouted as Rockslide lunged for the smaller girl.  Kali leapt high in the air and planted her hands on the athlete’s head, shoving off with all her weight and launching herself into an aerial somersault just past their line.  Rockslide couldn’t reverse and his momentum carried him fully into Wade, lifting the star basketball player into the air and throwing him like a rag doll across the room to lie still.

“Wade!” Sylph shrieked, grabbing Glacier from behind.  The muscles in her forearm tensed as she lifted the man by his head, but before she could do more damage, Flair grabbed a loaded weight bar (twenty tons, Sonya realized numbly) and swung it at Sylph like a baseball bat.  The momentum of the swing and the impact at the end blasted all three combatants apart and twisted the bar slightly, but Sylph landed on both her feet and one arm and her head snapped around to seek another opponent, her eyes a burning red and spittle flecking from her lips.

Khalida reached the door at the same time as Ralf and the pale young man gave her a boost through the hole Sylph had torn.  “Go get her!” he called as she brushed a hand against his cheek in thanks.


Out in the corridor, Miss Lim paused a moment to compose herself.  She thanked her foresight in having the entire building constructed of titanium-reinforced concrete- it was strong enough to withstand anything short of a direct hit by a bomb.  Not that it was so strong that she felt entirely secure in any case- Sylph had literally torn apart the wall and the door behind her like tissue paper- but the Vindicators, fully in the grips of Sato’s performance enhancer, had distracted her.

As she caught her breath, one Sylph’s friends- the Mediterranean, Khalida- tumbled through the opening in the wall.  Miss Lim snarled a curse and grabbed her bag, preparing to flee down the hall when the girl spotted her and charged after her.

If she could just make it to Mr. Slade, she’d be in the clear.  Khalida was a bit bigger than her, taller and undoubtedly stronger, but Miss Lim still figured she had the advantage if she was forced to fight.

She felt a hand snag her jacket and her feet went out from under her.  Khalida lost no time in trying to straddle the prone woman.  “Give me that,” she yelled, grabbing for Miss Lim’s briefcase.

Miss Lim smiled.


The blood seemed to sing in Sylph’s ears, all of her senses incredibly acute.  She saw Rockslide moving as if through tar as he turned from where Wade had dropped and focused on Sonya.  Her vision went red and she let the beast in her roar as she dove at the Vindicator.

Powerful hands grabbed her feet and she dropped in a tangle of limbs as Rapture and Ursula seemed to materialize from out of nowhere.  She lashed out without any technique, clipping Rapture on the side of the head.  She felt something give under her fist and he dropped like his strings had been cut.  She howled her triumph as she turned on the smaller woman.

Her hand whooshed out and grabbed her opponent by the throat, crushing the cartilaginous rings of her throat in her grip so the woman gagged.  Ursula panicked and tried prying off Sylph’s arm with both hands, but couldn’t gain purchase in the harder-than-steel muscle that supported her.

Sylph was starting to lose focus; everything was distracting her, now.  She glanced around the room and saw Tetsuko still holding her own against three Vindicators.  Sonya, nearby, was being menaced by Rockslide and Sylph had an instant flash of hatred for the man who had hurt her man.  She prepared to stalk over to him, ready to crush him to paste.

“Sylph!” Ralf cried from the far wall.  She turned and saw Flair bearing down on him, her red hair darkened and streaked by the blood coursing from her open wound.  Sylph had a moment of confusion- Ralf worked for a Bad Man, a part of her mind seemed to protest, but another part felt-

“Sylph!” he cried again as Flair’s knuckles brushed against his chest, slamming him into the wall.  He slumped down, barely supporting himself and Flair padded closer, hands flexing like a specter of grim death.  Sylph growled her frustration and threw Ursula overhand at the woman so that they both crashed into the wall hard enough to leave a dent.

Her lips peeled back in a grimace of fury, Sylph turned towards the fallen women and began to charge in their direction when black spots seemed to pop in front of her eyes.


Tetsuko finally managed to get her arms under Toro’s mass and she jacked the large man hard under his ribs, feeling them collapse and separate from his sternum as the force from her blow lifted him fifteen feet in the air.  Before he had time to collapse, she spun and drove a fist into Harpy’s face, pancaking the woman’s nose almost flat against her skull.

“Sensei,” she yelled, “they won’t go down!  It’s like they don’t feel pain!”

Sonya was busily trying to avoid Rockslide.  “Too much adrenaline,” Sonya gasped.  “Tet-chan, you’ve got to restrain them before they do themselves permanent harm.”

Over in the middle of the room, Sylph stumbled as she ran towards Ralf and the prone Vindicators surrounding him.  Tetsuko saw Glacier getting slowly to his feet, his head purpling from the crushing grip Sylph had exerted on him.

Tetsuko grabbed Harpy’s blindly flailing arms and swung her in a short arc into both Valkyrie and Rockslide, knocking the former off balance and folding her makeshift weapon around Rockslide as she continued her swing by lifting and hurling the two combatants through the air and into the bench she and Sylph had used earlier.  The impact rocked the heavy structure and the bar actually rolled out of its holders with an earthshaking crash.


“If you want it so bad,” Miss Lim smiled, “take it!”  She shoved the bag hard into Khalida’s face and Kali fell backwards to avoid having her nose broken.  Miss Lim bucked her hips and flipped Kali onto her side, then sprawled on top of her.

She drew back her perfectly manicured fingers and slashed across Kali’s face leaving three ragged cuts where her fingers bit deeply enough to cut the skin.  “You’ve never had any formal training, have you?” Lim went on, conversationally, “whereas I was trained by the finest sensei’s my father’s fortune could procure.”  Kali gasped and twisted, lifting both her weight and Miss Lim’s not inconsiderable mass on one arm as she flailed with her other hand.

Lim was impressed- Kali was much stronger than she looked- but she blocked the wild attack easily and was about to punch Kali in the face when she realized that Kali hadn’t actually been trying to hit her at all.  Kali had snagged her ponytail and used it to wrench around Miss Lim’s head as she yanked her arm back.

Miss Lim cried in alarm as she released her grip on her bag, bringing her arms up to protect her vulnerable face, but Khalida was ready for her.  Khalida slammed her knee into the smaller woman’s groin.

“Twelve years of field hockey, bitch,” Kali spat, grabbing the woman by the ears and headbutting her.

Miss Lim collapsed in a heap and Khalida reached down and grabbed the briefcase.  “If any of my friends are really hurt because of you,” she growled, “I will find you and I will mess you up.”

She turned and raced back down the hallway, leaving Miss Lim to get painfully to her feet and stagger away to Slade’s waiting helicopter.


Khalida tumbled through the ruined door clutching the bag in front of her.  Ralf helped pull her through and got her on her feet.  She hugged him quickly and glanced around the room.

Sylph bellowed and clutched at her chest as Glacier struggled to his feet and staggered after her.  Valkyrie spun and delivered a powerful side kick to the small of Tetsuko’s back, launching her through the air and over Sonya’s head.  Dr. Gannon ducked and dashed out of the way, trying to figure out how to get past the much taller, stronger woman.

“Ouch,” Tetsuko muttered, peeling herself off the wall and turning around.  Valkyrie was already focused on Sonya, which was exactly where Tetsuko didn’t want her attention.

“Sonya,” Khalida yelled, “I’ve got the bag!  Meet me by Sylph!”  Valkyrie turned wildly towards the shout and Tetsuko shoved Sonya to the side.

“Hey there, Blondie,” Tetsuko sang out cheerfully as Valkyrie glanced wildly at the sudden movement.  The Amazonian woman seemed to lock on as Tetsuko cocked back her fist.  “Remember me?”

Valkyrie’s eyes widened momentarily until Tetsuko’s fist collided with the side of her jaw, switching her off as effectively as snuffing out a candle.  Sonya scrambled to her feet and looked at Tetsuko who winced and grabbed at her lower back.

“Get going, Sensei,” Tetsuko called, “I’ll be right behind you.”  Sonya nodded and ran over to Sylph and Khalida.

Glacier stood over Sylph, howling triumphantly.  As Sylph tried to get to her feet, Glacier stomped hard on her back, smashing her into the floor.  Sylph tried to get her hands under her, but her arms wouldn’t support her weight and she subsided with a groan.

“It’s heavy, Doc,” Khalida said handing the bag to Sonya.

Sonya snapped open the bag and quickly rifled through it.  “Papers, pens, lipstick… it’s like the purse for the Wicked Witch of the West,” she muttered, still searching.  “Ah- here we are- ampoules, labeled for our convenience.”

Glacier roared again, then seemed to notice the girls near his feet.  Lips peeled back, he bent over and hoisted Sylph’s twitching body up over his head, preparing to slam her down on top of the smaller women.  Tetsuko sprang through the air and took Glacier over in a flying tackle that knocked them both down with Sylph on top of them.  The blonde shrugged the huge woman off and turned to Glacier only to receive an elbow to her temple.  She rolled off, blinking away tears as Sylph seized on the floor, her fingers tearing furrows in the padded floor beneath her.

“He keeps getting stronger,” Tetsuko gasped.

“Not for much longer,” Sonya muttered in reply.  She quickly scanned through the syringes until she found the right one.  She tossed the syringe to Khalida.  “You’ve got to get this into a muscle,” she shouted.

Khalida boggled at her.  “Really not a problem,” she said, jogging up to her friend.  Another massive tremor rocked Sylph’s body and the resultant shockwave bounced Khalida into the air.  She lost her grip on the syringe and it sailed in an almost perfect arc for Glacier’s massive chest, but he batted it aside with one hand.  He was flailing blindly, now, and Sonya saw that his eyes had turned an even darker red as tiny blood vessels in his eyes began to fail.

“We’ve got to hurry, Tet-chan, or they won’t make it,” Sonya cried as she scrambled across the floor looking for the fallen needle.  Glacier snagged Tetsuko by her shirt and flung her around in a circle, releasing her like an oddly shaped giant Frisbee.  Tetsuko slammed into the wall and crashed to the ground.

“No problem,” she groaned, getting back to her feet.  “Where’s that antidote?”

“I’ve got it!” Khalida shouted.  “Tetsuko- catch!”

Tetsuko grabbed the needle out of the air as she stomped back over to Glacier and the fallen Sylph.  Glacier was clutching his head and staggering around, so Tetsuko simply ducked him and slammed the needle home.  Sylph shuddered again and Tetsuko jerked the needle free.

Glacier stumbled into Tetsuko, and reached out clumsily with both hands and Tetsuko pounded him in the gut with two quick, hard jabs.  As he staggered back, she came up with a blindingly fast uppercut that lifted him off his feet and deposited him on his back.  “Sensei- how long until that stuff works?”

Sylph gasped, then coughed.  “Ow,” she moaned quietly.

Sonya shrugged.  “About that long?”

Sylph slowly pulled herself to her feet.  “Thanks,” she said weakly.  “What now?”

Khalida spat.  “I think we can safely assume Slade and Miss Lim have gotten away clean,” she said disgustedly.  “How’s Wade?”

“Good, steady pulse,” Ralf reported.  “I think he’ll be fine.  What about them?” he asked, indicating the various fallen Vindicators.


“There was only enough antidote for one dose,” Sonya explained, “but I was able to synthesize more once we got them to the hospital.  The D.A. says that they can’t be held accountable for their actions under the influence of the serum- which is a good thing, because if also means Sylph’s in the clear- but we have nothing on Slade or Miss Lim.”

The friends were all standing in the lounge just outside the terminals to McCarron International.  A television was playing highlights of the weekend news on the scrolling bar at the bottom while an announcer called out flights over the loudspeakers.

“Ralf- you did us a good turn back there,” Wade said, shaking the young man’s hand, “I’m sorry it turned out so badly for you.”

“Ah, it was only a job,” Ralf laughed it off.  “Maybe my application to one of your American universities will be accepted, right?  Then I don’t have to move back in with my folks…”

“Good luck,” Tetsuko said, shaking him by the hand.

Sylph hugged him.  “Really.  And give me a call if you ever find yourself in New York, okay?”

Ralf nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat just as Khalida walked up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Well, you guys be good, too, okay?  And no wild monkey sex parties unless you send me an invite and a paid ticket three weeks in advance!”

Tetsuko laughed.  “Go on, Ralf- have a good flight.  We’ll be sure to write.”

She turned to Sylph.  “I wanted to apologize for the way I treated you when we met.  I know how hard it can be to look like we do, and I should never have let my suspicions get the better of me the way I did.”

Sylph smiled shyly.  “Don’t worry about it- I gave as good as I got.  I’m just glad we got it straightened out when we did.”

“Yeah,” Tetsuko agreed, then added,  “Hey- we should do this again, sometime!”

Wade raised an eyebrow and Sylph chuckled.  “Sounds great,’ she said wryly, “but maybe next time we can do it without the blood, broken bones, and near-death experiences, right?”

Sonya laughed.  “Maybe next time you can visit us in Florida and we can have a more relaxing vacation, hm?”

The announcer called Ralf’s flight.  He turned to the terminal gates, than turned back.  See you around, guys,” he called.  He turned, waved, and walked off.
A VERY special thanks to :icondcmatthews: for this one. This piece took a shamefully long time for me to write (can you believe the last thing I wrote was 11 months ago?)

Before I go any further, I need to say:
Tetsuko Breckinridge, Sonya Gannon, and Hamilton Slade are all (c) :icondcmatthews:
Ralf is mine, but the inspiration (and much of the dialogue) was :iconrefaal:

I also want to thank both :icondcmatthews: and :iconrefaal: for their patience and frequent aid in getting me refocused when I got stuck. This story would never have been completed without them.

As for who really deserves the blame, well, I think that belongs to :iconjimmydimples: and cpbell0033944 over at some time ago, this thread ([link]) appeared and the two of them expressed an interest in seeing how Sylph and/or Tetsuko might do...

This, obviously, is the result. I hope you all enjoy!

ONE LAST NOTE: Thanks to :iconrefaal: for the picture of Sylph I'm using to preview this story.
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js1234 Featured By Owner May 30, 2011
Desperate for new reading material, I gave this un-liked genre a go, and wound up voraciously reading all of these Sylph stories through today. Fascinating! Will fave the lot of these.

Interesting character this young woman Sylph, and a nice, albeit not my usual cup of tea, Battle Royale in this latest part.

One thing seemed missing in the earlier chapters; the "first days in the university art studio" reactions from others and experiences working there. She's supposed to be an art student, I'd like to read about how she works in that studio with that three-quarter-ton plus of muscle on her frame. What is the subject matter that she depicts in her art?
RinjiPantera Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Not sure if this is the end. But at least as far as the story arc goes, it wraps things up nicely. Good to see the two hulking girls make amends with each other in the end. The battles between everyone were hard to keep up with.

Lots of pain being dished out, and I kept thinking someone was going to get killed here and there. I was a bit miffed that you turned the reason for Sylph's huge body being the result of a serum. I had really believed all this time that it was indeed due to exceptional genetics and a very early start in her bodybuilding life.

All in all, this story was a great read. And it was nice that you brought Tetsuko and Sonya into the mix near the end there. My only remaining question is, is this the end? Or will there be more to the story? Either way, for the most part, I enjoyed reading every bit of it! :)
stmercy2020 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
Hm. If you thought Sylph's massive body was the result of a serum, I need to rewrite some stuff. Sylph's seeming psychosis was the result of the serum (administered during the previous chapter during the GunRun...); Sylph's size and power, though, are all, um, natural-ish?

As for whether or not this is really the end... I hope not. I still want to write at least one final piece that sees Sylph either succeeding romantically or accepting ultimate defeat (I haven't made up my mind yet, although I'm rooting for Wade.)
RinjiPantera Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I must've missed something there, then. A lot was happening, and I do mean a lot. Frankly, I'm amazed you were able to keep up with it all considering.

And seriously though, I don't see why Sylph wouldn't find her romance. There is ALWAYS someone in the world who would live and die for her without hesitation. I'd shoot for that. ;)
stmercy2020 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
Well, I'm still working on it. Part of the problem is that physical and emotional compatibility aren't necessarily one and the same- because Sylph lives in a largely physics-compliant universe (not entirely, I grant you, but still...), the difficulties of a physical relationship with her are very, very real. At the same time, introducing a superman to be her super-lover seems like a cop-out. Of course, that may also be my pessimistic nature and view of relationships tainting my views. If so, I expect Wade will wallop me upside the head sooner or later. At least, I hope it's Wade; if Sylph or Kalida do it, I may not have a head left to write with...
refaal Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009
You know ive always been fan of your work - and now more than ever after reading such well-written story. I keep it saved in my HD not only because im on it (which, by the way, gives your story a boost of 100% of awesomeness) but because I like it so. Nicely done, St. Man.
stmercy2020 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
Hey, man- you helped write it! Thanks for the words, bud. I'll try not to let you down on that next project, too...
Cowprobe Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009
Great stuff St.Mercy!

I really enjoyed this story.

The characterizations were wonderfully done. It's interesting seeing how the different genres of Manga Super Heroine (Tetsuko) and Physics Compliant Metahuman (Slyph) meshed together so well.

You've done Raff a boon as well ;). The simple act of kneading such a vista of Slyph-sinew was both touching and exciting.

You keep writing and I'll keep reading.

PS-Any more story ideas bouncing around for that inhumanly powered superwoman that was abandoned at the wedding altar? Elke from "On The Rebound?
stmercy2020 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009
There are a few ideas, yes, but they may be awhile in coming- I'm starting yet another semester with all new kids and a class that I've never taught before. :D

Thanks for the compliments- it was, as I think I mentioned, both interesting and fun to write (even if it was deucably hard...)
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